In due time

My heart has been aching these past few months, I know what I want, and what I want is you, you say I can have you, you say that I love you, but you obviously don't know what you want, or you've been leading me on..

I don't know what to think anymore, you hardly speak to me anymore, and it's devastating me daily, it's been two weeks today, that I haven't seen your sweet face, felt the warmth of your hugs, or the softness of your lips.

I've never longed for someone in such a way, or have had so many little things remind me of one person, it's starting to sicken me.

I'm waiting as I have been since we met, you gave me a taste and now I want you more then ever, are you leading me on? Should I just back away now, or pursue that which I can't have. Thirty minutes away, and yet you seem so far, so many ways to see you, and yet I'm yet to see you again.

I suppose I will wait, nothing feels right with anyone else.

Waiting, just as I have been since the day we met.


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